How a website helps my business

How can a website help my business

Do you have a business? Does your business have a website?

I hope your answer is yes on both questions. It is almost as if your business does not exist if you don’t have a website. In these days almost everything happens online. For example, teeanagers spend 27 hours a week online. That means an average of 4 hours/day.

Why do you think people visit a website?

They do it primarily to find information about things, companies and a lot of other stuff. Think about yourself. You want to buy something you heard about. What is the first thing you do? How do you research that product or service? Probably you are searching it online.

Why do you need a website for you business? What are the advantages and benefits of having a website?


  1. Less expensive

Have you ever advertised through various forms such as radio, television, printed media? Investing in advertising is necessary. But it is sometimes expesive. Having a website will cut your advertising costs and you will be able to control the target audience and the budget.


  1. Accessibility

Have you ever had to turn a costumer away because it is closing time? Well, you will nt have to close the doors of your website. Often, people will look to your website instead of visiting your shop because it is more accessible for them.


  1. Better relationship

Having a website for your business may build a better relationship with your customers or potential customers.


  1. Increase sales

More visitors in your website leads to more potential sales.

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